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My Mystery Shopper Services

I very much enjoy taking on mystery shopping assignments on behalf of business in the south of England.

My services can include telephone or email enquiries, visits to premises and if required the purchase of products or services.

I have a wide range of skills and life experiences but am also able to encompass any specialisms involved in your operation.

I am a qualified mystery shopper occasionally taking assignments from a national company but have time for private assignments in between my computer repairs business.

I would of course inform you if I felt there was any conflict of interests on my part.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING: Within 48 hours of completing any mission you will receive a comprehensive and well written report.

Where fault or defect is found in any service or product this will be expressed as far as possible in a positive way to assist you in staff training.

TERMS: Terms and any travel costs are negotiable and I look forward to hearing from you.