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The following picture is a schematic of a network set up in a Teignmouth property. This would typically take a day and my labour charge would be around £100.

This price excludes cabling and any other hardware required and assumes that any PCs installed are fully working and are virus free!

A failed Sky box was removed and a Humax FreeSat box was attached to the old Sky dish and connected to the Internet for "Catch up TV".

The BT Hub 3 router was connected to a Devolo HomePlug system (around £50 or less) enabling broadband over the 13 am ring main. A 5 port switch enabled extra ethernet connections to wired PCs.

All Wireless devices were connected to the BT hub.

The second HomePlug was installed in the workshop (on a different ring main on the same consumer unit - and it still works) and a Netgear wireless access point with 5 port hub was attached providing the internet both wired and wirelessly as the workshop was so far away from the BT hub!

Finally a network printer was attached!

If you fancy something a little exotic like this give me a call Alan on 01626 870264.