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THE CREATORS FALL EDITION V1709 should be applied to your system.

THE CREATORS SPRING EDITION will be available in Spring 2018,

For advice on Upgrades & New Machines ring Alan Now on 01626 870264 or 07866 606185.

If you have carried out your own Windows 10 free upgrade and the machine is not running as expected let me configure it correctly for you.


A much overlooked aspect of computer ownership and contributing to the shortened life of desktop and notebook PCs due to fan failure and overheating. Cleaning requires strict anti-static procedures and is best carried out by a technician with the right tools.


Most technicians will have seen desktop and notebook computers die prematurely from tobacco smoke.

Electronics are hot, and create an environment for dust to collect around its circuitry. What makes tobacco smoke the worse kind of "dust" is that it isn't dry. The smoke carries moisture and tar with it.These bi-products stick to fans, heat-sinks, capacitors, and other vital components such as the hard drive logic board.

I have seen a PC as young as two year old fail from no other reason than smoke ingestion.In the next picture, I have removed the fan to show all the build up clearly. At this time, may I add, that it is a very stinky job to clean this stuff off. I am not a smoker, so I hate it all the more.


Professional diagnostic equipment is used for fast solutions to most problems.

The average labour charge for a repair during 2017/18 has been only £43.

One PC in seven required a hardware component replacement.

Solutions such as re-builds, extensive virus removal with data recovery will be carried out on the technicians workbench in Teignmouth.

Overnight/Next day repairs are possible subject to the availability of any parts required which may be subject to a delivery charge.


These can be supplied for installation on machines being repaired or upgraded and I have no dealings whatsoever with pirated software.

Let me help keep your PC secure with the latest Windows and Office Service Packs and updates without which your PC is not secure.

Essential upgrades for your operating system are Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. Upgrading Windows 8 to 8.1 is recommended.

Service Packs and updates for Microsoft Office should always be installed.


On 8th April 2014 both the Windows XP operating system (and Microsoft Office 2003) reached End of Life and are not safe for use on the Internet. I therefore no longer offer support for Windows XP machines other than to transfer data from them to your new PC.

Office 2007 reached Microsoft End of Life in October 2017.


Windows 7 was released 22nd October 2009 and proved to be a stable, safe operating system packed with new features and easy to learn and use. Upgrading to Windows 10 where possible is advised.


Windows 8 was released Friday 26th October 2012.


Windows 8.1 Upgrade download files & New Install media were released on 18th October 2013. The upgrade is free but the near 3 GB download is required for every machine (ISO discs cannot be made). After the download it takes about an hour to install and configure 8.1 and welcome back a START BUTTON (Hooray) plus lots of new features including a new Media Centre.

There are now lots of new apps and games (free and paid for) in the Windows Store (Microsoft Account required) for Windows 8 and 8.1. They have been approved by Microsoft and are more reliable than much of the software usually downloaded from the Internet that so often contains malware and Browser hijacks that steal your personal data!


My set up time averages 2 hours labour (£30 at home or £45 on site), longer if you have peripherals to install or extra software and data.

I look forward to meeting you - Alan Firth - Proprietor.


alanfirth@btinternet.com (longer emails)
alanfirth2010@gmail.com (short emails only please)

Phone: 01626 870264
Mobile: 07866 606185

Site last updated 5th March 2018