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£25 first hour on site, second hour £20 with
discounts are available for jobs onsite taking over 2 hours and fixed price deals are available for some services. You may opt for the machine to be taken away and returned repaired.

Devices brought to me are charged at £15 per hour attended labour so you will benefit from some free servicing such as no charge for the time it takes for a full virus scan. An overnight repair can be arranged.

The average labour charge during 2017/18 has been a very reasonable £43.


Labour £25 first hour then £20 per hour on site with discounts available for half day and whole day jobs if pre-booked.


There is no travel charge to Teignmouth, Dawlish, Shaldon or Bishopsteignton addresses. 

Travel outside the above areas is charged at 40p per mile.
Example: Holcombe to Torquay a 20 mile round trip, please add £8.

Travel to jobs outside the local area is charged at £12 per hour each way based on Google Maps data with a free allowance of the first 15 minutes each way.


New PC setup including desktops, notebooks, tablets, iPad and Android devices.

Data transfer, connection of printers, scanners and other peripheral devices and software installation and configuration.

(A new PC or notebook may have spent several or even many months in shipping and warehouses before you buy it and could need a couple of hours work to sort out the software and bring it up to date. A machine properly set up in the beginning should give a lifespan of good service.)

Broadband setup, wireless hotspot set up including hotels, museums and meeting rooms, wired and wireless networking and "Powerline" networks over 13 amp ring main.

Skype and webcam setup. YouView setup. Freesat TV setup to your existing dish including if required BBC & ITV catchup TV via your broadband router. (2MB or faster service required)

Software installation including free open source software but never pirated software.

Advice on the purchase of equipment and services.

Virus, malware and "scamware" removal.

Memory upgrades.

System maintenance, cleaning and servicing.

Data recovery and hard drive replacement.

Old hard drive destruction (essential for both home and business users).

Data backup routines set up and explained.

Cloud storage starting with free generous GBs allowance.

Dropbox file and media sharing between devices.

Blackberry & Nokia phone data backup/transfer/restore service.

Kindle set up and demonstrate. Google Android tablet set up and demonstrate.

B.T. "Take you broadband with you for free" set up and demonstration for your portable devices (works Europe wide)

Digital video format conversions, for example: Your high definition camcorder MTS file takes up 1 GB of space although it's only 10 minutes long can be converted to AVI format which is much smaller. CD & DVD disc burning for distribution to friends or colleagues.

I can set up or help you set up a YouTube account and upload your videos for private use or public airing. Similarly I can help upload your still pictures to Flickr.

Warranty problems on a new machine? I can diagnose and submit a report.

Insurance claim? I can submit a report.

Have I missed anything?

Ask Alan on 01626 870264 or 07866 606185.